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This weekend has seen the start of the participant season for Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire!

I was at both stakeout on Friday and the beginning of things for everyone else on Saturday, and it was pretty much uneventful as far as participant land goes.  I'm excited as usual, though, and this next month sees me hectically trying to get garb together, hoping that we can put up the booth in time, and wondering if I'll be able to keep good on my word that I'm not going to be doing stage shows this year.  My knees really, really hope that I can keep good on that.

For those with an interest in participating this year, I point you to the Faire's official site for participants.  They are in the process of revamping the website and that is therefore subject to change.  If I forget to put the new link up, someone should poke me at some point.

There were also two very interesting things/changes this year.  No styrofoam on faire site, and no smoking on faire site.  Both of those were courtesy of that the faire is on a Los Angeles County park.  There will apparently be dragon's circles through the faire for those who wish to smoke, though I don't know very much more about that yet.

But here we go once again, another season and another year.

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